Soulwerk Sanctuary

Your Highest and Best Expression of Yourself Through the Arts



Do you want to:

Be an embodiment of joy? Of peace? Of love?

Hold the vibrations of contentment, peace, and grace?

Experience yourself living a life of optimism, serenity, and bliss?

Soulwerk Sanctuary is a sacred learning community, a school of sorts, where we move beyond words, focusing on the embodiment of our highest and best expression of ourselves through the arts. Together, we play sacred witness to the birthing of our next best version of ourselves into the world, supporting each other in anchoring the knowing that we are infinite beings of light temporarily residing in human form into our daily experience of our lives and our Beingness.

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People are saying

“Soulwerk Sanctuary is a place where I come to practice self-compassion. The sacred circle, for me, is being in community with those who are committed to practicing deep listening and healing through creativity. I have developed a more loving relationship with myself in the time since joining this community. I attribute this growth to having seen self-love modeled beautifully on a consistent basis. Soulwerk Sanctuary offers the gift of safe space for each individual to be seen and heard in their authenticity.”

– Zoe

“I first started sound healing sessions with Roger in January of 2021. I have fibromyalgia and I am always looking for new approaches to alleviate pain. Sound healing with Roger has helped heal emotional wounds and lessened my physical pain. It is difficult to put into words what the experience is like; sometimes I feel pleasant tingles and other times I feel uncomfortable nerve sensations until the energy is released during the session. After multiple sessions with Roger I’ve developed an even deeper awareness of the connection between my emotions and my physical symptoms.  Roger has been an integral part of my healing and continual improvement.”

– Kristine