Your Highest and Best Expression of Yourself: As an Artist, As A Teacher, As a Human



hARTFUL MUSIC ED is an asynchronous learning circle for music educators who want more for their classrooms and for their lives. In this circle we move beyond a focus on pedagogy, emphasizing the aspects of music teaching the nurture the heart and the soul. This circle is where I share two and a half decades of fusing music teaching with Gestalt theory and soul-nurturing movement meditation. It is a fusion of everything that I value as a professional.

Each month you’ll receive a minimum of four life-changing, classroom-enriching posts curated from the following categories:

  • Instruction in Gestalt theory
  • Applications of Gestalt theory in the music classroom
  • How Gestalt thinking can enhance not only your classroom, but your life
  • Pre-recorded movement meditations and workshops to nourish you from the inside out.

I’ve had many requests from music educators for an asynchronous group that doesn’t require showing up on Zoom at a specific time. I’m listening! Here’s what you’ve been asking for.

Come join our growing community of music educators making a difference in their communities and in the world with their presence.

People are saying

Soulwerk Sanctuary has been such a light on my healing journey! This space always demonstrates safety, vulnerability, and growth, both individually and as a community.
– Kanisha

Roger somehow managed to provide for me the space I didn’t know I needed to grow in my capacity for self-awareness and understanding. His warm and inviting self is just as present over Zoom as it is in person and I honestly look forward to my circle’s meetings as a time strictly for me to be present and connected – a space to grow and be nurtured.
– Christine

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